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Amazon Prime Video membership trick for cheap subscription | Subscribe from India use Worldwide

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Yes this is true. Amazon Prime Membership for 12 months costs INR 1,000 which is like £10 in UK / Europe or $13 in USA or Canada for entire year. And yes it does give unrestricted access to Amazon Prime subscription benefits. Netflix on other hand is expensive across all countries and costs same. But is it all good with no downside? lets find out #amazonprime #primemembership #netflix

What is Amazon Prime Video ?

Amazon offers streaming services under the name of Amazon Prime Video. You need Amazon Prime membership in order to get access to unlimited videos which include web series, Movies (Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional language movies), TV Shows and series, Documentaries and much more. You need to have Prime Video app on your smart device - Smart TV, Tablet or mobile and you can then enjoy content on the go with Wifi or mobile data connectivity. If your Smart TV does not have Amazon Prime Video app then you can use smart Tv sticks like Roku or Fire stick to the app on your TV.

Amazon Prime Membership Hack

Depending on your geography, Amazon Prime membership will cost you around $7.99 per month in USA or £7.99 in UK. This cost would come down slightly if you take up annual membership ($79 per year).

However there is a trick which can bring down Prime membership cost to about $10 annually. this is by taking the Amazon prime Membership in countries like India where it costs INR 1,000 which is equivalent to $13 for entire year. This INR 1,000 would be deducted only after your 1 month free trial ends, so effectively you get 1 year (or 13 months including free 1 month trial offer) Amazon prime membership at $13 or £10. There are no geographical restrictions in Amazon prime Video membership so you can enjoy Prime Video sitting in any part of the world (USA, UK, Europe, Australia, UAE, India etc) while your subscription would have been taken out in India.

Please be aware that other benefits of Prime membership will also be available to you like Amazon music etc. Only benefit which you will miss out is unlimited next day delivery and Prime membership discounts on Amazon products which are applicable only to country where Amazon Prime membership was taken out in.

All you need to do is register with an email on the Amazon website of that country e.g. for India and take out Prime membership through that email.

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Amazon Prime Video App

Prime Video app is available to be downloaded for free in all countries and on all smart devices. iOS versions for iPhones and iPads are available along with Android versions for all Android smart phones and tablets.

Amazon Prime Video also has a Android TV App to be downloaded from Play Store on TV. Sony Bravia TVs and most Samsung Smart TVs would have a featured or Pre-installed Amazon prime Video App present on Smart TV home screen for their customers. If not download the Prime Video app from Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV or Google Play Store on Sony Android TV.

If you device is not smart, not to worry. But Amazon Firestick or Roku to make your TV Smart which comes Pre-Installed with Amazon prime Video App.

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