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Sony Bravia Android Smart TV Apps list | Best Sony Smart TV Apps list for free download 2020

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

This is 2019 and here we are with the very best Sony Bravia Smart TV apps with detailed reviews on available apps free to download on your Smart TV. From 4K Streaming services apps like Netflix and Prime Video to Live TV and sports streaming apps like Now TV, Hulu, Roku, KODI, Plex, Terranium TV, BBC iPlayer and ITV Apps to Asian TV Appls like YuppTV, Sony Liv and Hotstar. Many more Apps that should be downloaded on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV through Google Play store or Samsung Smart TV apps through Smart Hub. Also other Utility and social media apps like Facebook, Airscreen (for casting and screen mirroring phone to TV), BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, YouTube Kids Apps...

Apps list on Sony Select on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV

While there will be a collection of featured apps on your Sony Bravia Android Smart TV based on geography and country, Sony Select on your Smart TV home Screen should categorise TV Apps as

Top Featured Apps on Sony Bravia TV

Top Featured Apps on Sony Bravia TV if you are in United Kingdom for e.g. will be

  • BBC iPlayer


  • All 4

  • My5

  • YouView

  • BBC News

  • BBC News

  • DW

  • "a" Clock

Apps from Google Play on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV

  • Spotify

  • AirScreen - Cast / Screen Mirror mobile onto TV

  • AccuWeather - Weather App

  • FTV+

  • Red Bull

  • Direct Sports Network

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Must have apps on your Android TV / Smart TV

We have compiles a list of must have popular Android TV apps that you can install on your Android TV through Google Play Store for free.

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More Apps under Sony Select on Sony Android TV

  • Rakuten TV

  • Stingray Qello

  • Green TV

  • uStudio

  • Meteonews

  • Tagesschau

  • DW for Smart Tv

  • Digital Concert Hall

Please be aware that above mentioned apps under Sony Select will vary based on your Smart TV model and on Country where the TV is being operated.

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Other Featured Apps on Sony Bravia Android Smart 4K TV in United Kingdom will be:

  • Prime Video

  • BBC iPlayer


  • All 4

  • My5

  • BBC News

  • BBC Sports

  • MUBI

  • Disney Life

  • VLC Media Player

  • YuppTV

  • Spotify

  • Toon Goggles (TG)


  • Youview

  • Rakuten TV

  • Google Play Movies and TV

  • Netflix

Apart from these featured apps Google Play Store on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV offers wide range of Apps to be downloaded. Most popular TV Apps available on Sony Android TV Google Play store ready to be downloaded for free are:

  • Facebook Watch

  • Google Play Games

  • KODI

  • VLC for Android

  • Twitch

  • Nord VPN

  • TuneIn Radio

  • MX Player

  • ES File Explorer File Manager

If you are a music lover then you can always download popular Smart TV Apps from Google play store. These however will required subscription to be obtained and are not free:

  • Spotify

  • Google Play Music

  • Deezer

  • TuneIn

  • Tidal

  • My Tuner

  • Equalizer

If you are a movie and TV show lover then you can always download popular Smart TV Apps from Google play store. These however will required subscription to be obtained and are not free:

  • CineTrailer

  • Netflix

  • Sky News

  • Daily Motion

  • TED TV

  • Haystack TV

  • MUBI

Sony Bravia TV Remote Control App for Android and iOS

Sony TV remote App - Peel Smart Remote app allows you to use your phone or tablet as an advanced TV remote control. In addition to flicking through channels, you gain access to cable & local television programming with cover art thumbnails, look ahead to upcoming programming, set reminders to watch and save favorites, plus extend the conversation on social media. Watch this video review to see why you'll enjoy using this app! Recommended for You : Watch on YouTube

How to Cast / Screen Mirror onto Sony Bravia Smart TV from Android phone or IOS mobile

You would need to download AirScreen app from Google Play Store on your Sony Android TV for free. AirScreen app allows cast / Miracast / Screen Mirror from iOS or Android devices onto Smart TV.

Both Smart TV and casting mobile phone / tablet should be on same WiFi network. Details of how to cast your mobile phone onto Android Smart TVs cane be read on below post or on YouTube video

Read details on how to easily cast / screen mirror any mobile phone / tablet (Android phone or iPhone) onto Sony Bravia Smart TVs -

Details instructions can also be found on this YouTube video

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Web Browser for Sony Bravia Smart TV

Sony Bravia TV comes with Opera TV web browser. However Opera browser is not the best user friendly browser available. Sony Android TVs allow free download of Puffin TV browser which we recommend should be downloaded and used.

Read more on best web browsers for Sony Bravia TV / any Smart TVs -

Puffin TV web Browser Review

Asian TV Streaming Apps on Sony Bravia Smart TV / Android TV

YuppTV - Best option for streaming Indian TV channels live outside India on Smart TV or Mobile / tablet

YuppTV for some time now has been the leading online Indian / South Asian TV streaming service. YuppTV App can easily be installed on any smart device (Mobiles, tablets or Smart/Android TVs) and works for both Android OS and iOS. Stream your favorite TV serials Or movies in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urgu, Sinhalese and many more South Asian languages.

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Watch this video for unbiased Review of YuppTV in United Kingdom. This covers cool features, package details, selections of movies available, settings and any technical issues you may expect.

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Know more on YuppTV:

Screen Mirror Android Phone / iPhone to Smart TV

AirScreen Sony Bravia Android TV App

AirScreen App can be easily downloaded on an Android TV through Google Play Store. AirScreen App can be downloaded free of cost but allows in App purchases to allow

premium services. However for Screen Mirroring or Casting iPhone to Android TV you don't need to subscribe to any service or pay anything. AirScreen App for Android TV

would take around 50 MB space on your TV storage when fully installed.

AirScreen Android TV App offers FREE -

1. Screen Mirroring iPhone to Android TV or any other Smart TV

2. Screen Mirroring Android Phone to Android TV or any other Smart TV

3. Cast iPhone screen to any Smart TV

4. Cast Android mobile phone screen to any Smart TV

5. MiraCast Android Phone to Android Smart TV

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NowTV App

Now TV is the latest addition to the streaming services out in the market through Now TV Smart TV App, Now TV streaming Smart Stick or Now TV Smart Box. Competing really well with well established competitors like Amazon Firestick, Roku and to some extent Google Chromecast. Like its competitors it offers HD and 4k content to its viewers.

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YouTube Kids on Sony Bravia Smart TV

If you are looking for apps on smart tv for kids or on android tv then best kids app is youtube kids. Sony Bravia android smart 4k uhd tv or samsung smart ultra hd tv plays youtube kids app. download the app from google play store on android tv easy installation and setup. Sign in the app with login youtube login details to customize videos for your boys and girls. YouTube Kids TV appears to be compatible with all Android TV devices, and you can grab it from the Play Store Watch on YouTube App

Read more:

BBC iPlayer App for Sony Bravia TV

How to watch BBC News live on smart tv or Sony Android TV News app free. Works on any smart television. Best Smart Tv app to watch live news stream. Latest news at your doorstep free. You would need TV License if you are watching in UK. Watch Live news or select your missed news favourite programme. Never miss any news update. Watch on YouTube App

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VLC Media Player app for Sony Bravia Smart TV

There are a number of media player options on a Smart TV. Most popular and reliable offering options of playing media through USb stick, shared folder on laptop or through cloud is VLC media player. Supports wide range of media file formats like .mp4, and .dat

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Netflix Sony Bravia Smart TV App

Well this is 2019 and debate on online streaming services is never ending. So is Netflix better than Amazon Prime Video or is there a competition with Youtube Video, Hulu, Hotstar, YuppTv, TVF Play and other video streaming apps justified. Read Apps reviews and compare cost, features, usability, content, quality, free trial offer and much more and chose where you want to buy membership from. So before you subscribe Netflix and join Prime Video TV, lets find out #amazonprime #primemembership #netflix #streamingservice

If you are purely looking for a streaming service with great online content, amazing collection of original TV shows, series and movies then go ahead with Netflix. Netflix are way ahead in investing on new TV series, movies and shows and have a streaming service monopoly in some countries. Content is regularly being added and their database has already got massive, much bigger than what you can watch in your lifetime.

Other aspects where Netflix is a clear winner over Amazon prime Video is customer viewing experience, voice search, ease of use, Artificial Intelligence and Android and iOS Apps.

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Amazon Prime on Sony Bravia Smart TV

Amazon offers its customers one month free prime membership which gets converted into paid membership after free trial experts. You are free to cancel membership during free trail period or anytime during your membership. Being a Amazon prime member also makes you eligible for special prices for products on Amazon and also free next day delivery.

Netflix on the other hand does not offer any free trial membership unless you have been contacted directly by Netflix.

Both Netflix and Prime Video have Smart TV App and Android TV Apps. These apps would appear featured Samsung Smart TV Apps, Sony Bravia Smart TV Apps, Sony Android TV App and on other brands like LG Android TV, Philipps and Panasonic. Android Tv would allow downloading Netflix app / Prime Video TV app from Google play store whereas Samsung smart tv would offer download through smart hub.

Sony Bravia TV Remote for Android TV comes with dedicated Netflix button. Amazon Fire stick and Roku on the other hand have dedicated Prime Video buttons on remote control.

Well this is debatable based on the points we have highlighted above. If you order products from Amazon frequently then Prime Video membership makes you eligible for free next day delivery. Also you get better offers on most products than non prime members on Amazon.

Netflix on other hand has edge on content quality and quantity. Offers multiple plans starting $5.99 so you can select the plan that suits best to you. If you can share your your Netflix account with friends and family you can share cost with up to 4 different people.

Youtube Playlist on Streaming Apps

Amazon prime Video Trick

Take a single membership from countries where Amazon Prime membership is cheap. Like in India where it costs INR 1,000 which is about $13 or £10. There is no restriction on country or geographical location from you can access your prime video through the app. Also there is no restriction on number of people you share your account with. And as a bonus you end up paying only after your one month free trial period ends.

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More on Android TV Apps

All about Sony Bravia Android TV

Also read: Netflix on Sony Android TV

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