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Best Web Browsers for Android Smart TVs - Puffin browser on TV, Chrome, Opera and others ..

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

The search is still on to get a web browser designed specifically for Android Smart TVs or on streaming devices enabling users to browse internet with ease and compatible with Smart TV from any brand and is free to use. Puffin TV is by far the best Smart TV web browser in terms of ease of use, compatibility with most TV remotes and brands like Sony Bravia, Samsung, LG and more... Lets review these browsers for your TV and then decide what is best for you ..

Puffin TV - Best for Android TVs

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Puffin TV Browser for TV is greatly optimised for use on Android TVs for streaming high quality videos, music or for simple web browsing. What goes best with Puffin TV web browser is that is really works seamlessly and fits in nicely with most basic Android TV remote controls. The TV on the video above is from Sony Bravia and you can see browsing is really easy typing words for search and then moving across the entire website for easy navigation.

Puffin browser on TV also offers great ease of use and customization through storing cache and previously browsed history with favorite web pages being book marked preventing any need to type in full url.

Puffin TV browser also categorizes websites as

  • Bookmarkes

  • Recently viewed

  • Introduction

  • News

  • Show Times

  • Infotainment

  • Sports

  • Education

  • Most Popular

Android TVs allow Puffin TV web browser to be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. Introduction and How to use sections allow users to understand how to make best use of the browser. It is recommended to set as your homepage to allow easy searches for across the web.

Sync your Puffin Browser on TV with mobile so you may type easily on mobile while using it on Smart TV. Both mobile and Smart TV should be connected to same WiFi network to facilitate this.

Make sure you download the latest version of Puffin browser for TV from Google play store for free.

As on any other web browser you can delete browsing history whenever you like.

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Connect Android Mobile phone to Android TV

Just follow these easy steps and your Android Smart TV will be in sync with your Android Phone within seconds.

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Google Chrome Web Browser for Android Smart TVs

There is hardly any debate on Chrome Web Browser being far more superior than any other Web Browser for Laptops and Android Mobiles. But is it true for Android Smart TVs as well especially when there no Chrome Browser for TV available to be downloaded from Google lay Store on Android TVs ?

To get Google search defaulted as search engine on your Android TV follow instructions provided below to side-load Chrome on your Android TV.

Download ES File explorer app on your Android TV for free from Google Play Store. Most brands like Sony Bravia TVs and Samsung Smart TVs would allow ES File Explorer either as featured app or to be downloaded from Smart Hub / Play Store / Sony Select.

You need ES File Explorer App on your Android or Smart Television (depending on your geographical location).

Once ES File Explorer has been downloaded and installed on your TV, you can set path for your favourite websites / web pages as you set them on your laptop / desktop. Like set for facebook once and you can then use it at your convenience when you want on TV as you do on Mobile phones or Laptops. You will login as usual and can attach web cam to TV through USB port for video calls. Similarly add any other website URL like Gmail, Google homepage, firefox mozilla, google chrome.

You can then also search Google play store webpage, search for google chrome and then download it and install on your TV. You will be asked to used another Android device connected on the same wifi network for verification and easy install.


Follow instructions in this video for details and put in your queries in the comments section for us to answer them for you ...

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Opera browser for Android TV

Opera is by far one of the better browsers when it come to compatibility with most Smart TVs and ease of use. Interface is good with easy navigation but Opera is not available to be downloaded from Google Play Store. This will need to be side-loaded onto your Android TV.

Opera allows easy navigation through Smart TV multimedia remote controls. Recommended way is till to sync your TV with a mobile phone to use your mobile as keyboard.

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Opera browser for TV can be optimised to night mode settings easily to allow soothing effect while browsing without much disturbance and light coming out from the TV. Also allows offline browsing for cached pages.

Sony Bravia Android Smart TVs come with Opera Web Browser for TV pre-installed or is under Sony Select / featured apps, however this depends on your geography / country.

Sony Bravia Smart TVs in United Kingdom and Europe have Opera as default and pre-installed Web browser.

Screen Mirror mobile phone onto Android Smart TV

This can be as straight for as in the video below

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