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How to Factory Reset / Restore and Rebuild / Customize your Sony Bravia Smart TV as New | 2020

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Getting your Smart TV back to normal is a big task once your television starts throwing abnormality or problems and these issues whether software / App related can mostly be fixed by a 'Hard reset' or restoring your Smart TV back to factory defaults i.e. making it as it was when bought new from outlet.

Recommended Checks before resetting your TV

Before trying a Factory reset it is advisable that you explore fixing the TV Problem with alternatives. These hit and trial methods can include:

  • Plug off TV cable when TV is ON. This will 'Soft Reset' or restart your Smart Television and can fix issues caused by multiple Apps running on your TV utilizing resources and hence causing the TV to hang or get frozen.

  • Very often on a Smart Television, Apps when updated end up causing issues. Issues originating from Smart TV Apps can be down to poorly tested Software / TV App updates or app just not compatible enough with the TV hardware or available resources. It is recommended you uninstall and install the app back which could be potential causing the problem.

  • If you own an Android television, then it is no secret how often a new Android Operating System update causes new and weird problems. Sony Bravia Android Smart TV customers often get regular Android OS updates and patches to the TV Software which takes anywhere between 15 to 30 mins to install and update. Very often after these Operating System updates, Android Smart TV starts throwing abnormal behavior or TV performance is badly impacted. It is recommended you revert back these OS updates to previous version until Sony Bravia TV issues a patch to resolve issues related to Software update.

  • Please be aware that factory reset of your Android / Smart TV will delete all your data, settings, customization, apps installed on TV - so be very careful beforemaking your mind and do this only very you are absolutely sure of restoring your TV is new built.

  • You will have to follow steps to again customize your Smart TV, connect to home Wifi, perform digital TV tuning, install your favorite TV Apps and perform TV setting for picture or sound.

Follow Smart TV best practices mentioned here before you make your mind:

Recommended YouTube Playlist and Best Practices

Performing Hard Reset on Sony Bravia Smart TV -

The factory reset couple of moments only, but rebuilding your TV and applying settings and customization takes between 10-30 mins. Follow steps mentioned below and wait until you are informed that the process has been completed.

After the Factory Reset process completes successfully, your Sony Bravia TV proceeds into the Initial Setup wizard. If it is Sony Android TV you will need to agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

Steps to be followed (which may differ as per TV Model:

  • Turn on the TV.

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.

  • Select Settings.

  • Select Storage & reset.

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Setting up New Sony Bravia Smart TV / Customise your Smart TV after Factory Restore

You can choose to connect your router with or without a cable.

Wired Connection (connecting your BRAVIA to a router using a network cable)

  • Connect a network cable (not supplied) from the router to the LAN port on back of the BRAVIA

  • Turn on the BRAVIA

  • Using the remote, press HOME, then select > Settings > Network Setup

  • Select “Wired Set-up”

  • Select “Auto” in IP Proxy Server screen

  • Confirm settings by press the right arrow key, and then select “Save & Connect”

  • Once connection is successful, press “OK”

Wireless Connection (connecting your Sony BRAVIA Smart TV to a Wi-Fi enabled home network)

  • Turn on the BRAVIA

  • Using the remote, press HOME, then select > Settings > Network Setup

  • Select “Wireless Set-up”

  • Select “Scan” in the “Wireless Network” screen

  • After a few moments, you will see a list of wireless networks

  • Navigate to, and select, your home network. Refer to your wireless router manual if you do not know the name of your network.

  • Enter your security key when prompted, using the remote and onscreen keyboard. If you do not know your security key, refer to your wireless router manual.

  • Select “Auto” in the “IP Address Proxy Server” screen.

  • Confirm settings by pressing the right arrow key, and then select “Save & Connect.”

  • After connection is successful, press “OK”

Check all the installed apps on Sony Bravia Android Smart TV

  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.

  • Select Settings.

  • Select Apps in the TV category.

  • Check Downloaded apps or System apps.

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If you have an queries regarding Sony Bravia TVs, setup / Apps installations or anything related to OS updates or even setting - drop a comment below and our team will respond as soon as possible

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