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JioMeet - Made in India app to kill Zoom and Google Meet !

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

JioMeet is fully 'Made in India' or Aatma Nirbhar Indian app that is here to kill giants like Zoom from China and Google meet. It will get a push from Indian nationalists who are at a great drive to promote products that are manufactured or produced in India by encouraging Indian consumers to buy locally.

India's Richest Man and majority stakeholder / owner of India's biggest private sector company Reliance Industries has launched a video conferencing app which is much more that just being a video chat app.

JioMeet launched in July 2020 will directly be a competitor of Zoom which has recently faced a number of concerns over security. Google Meet however has recently replaced Google Hangout in its reincarnation to take on Zoom previously. So between the trio of Zoom, Google Meet and JioMeet who has the edge and who will win ?? Lets find out !!

JioMeet Features making it better than Zoom

In a nutshell it will be very correct to say that Jio Meet offers 'more' of every feature currently provided by Zoom. This follows the usual trend of Jio franchise which believes in completely dominating the market by killing competitors and then slowly materialize on the gains.

JioMeet allows 24 Video conferencing meetings for free where Zoom currently only offers 40 mins of free video call meeting in a single session.

JioMeet allows up-to 100 members to attend the video call at a single time.

It allows up-to 100 participants dialing in through a many mediums as possible from laptop browser to Android JioMeet app to iOS JioMeet app on mobile phones and tablet. Not to forget it is also supported by Mac and Windows.

Meetings can be set up instantly or scheduled at a particular date and time. You need a valid email address to login / join meetings, however the meeting link can be shared on emails or through WhatsApp or Facebook.

JioMeet allows a single user to login into meetings from 5 different devices at a single time and easily switch between them during the meeting without losing continuity.

Meeting host can give limited controls to other participants like screen sharing.

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JioMeet shortcomings over Zoom and Google Meet

JioMeet has just only been launched so one has to see what it actually offers in terms of meeting call stability, security and performance. These can only be truly tested when the app is used by substantial number of members and at the same time.

Jio is comparatively new in the digital world arena but has been very aggressive with its fiber broadband and Jio 4g telecom network plans where it offered free services to gain customer base. Jio has however been criticized when it comes to offering world class customer service.

JioMeet vs Zoom - Comparison

JioMeet Security concerns

While the press release and the website clearly states that Jio does not hold any customer related red classified data and that it removed all customer and meeting related meta data after a certain period following required regulations globally (specific to region), more needs to done to gain enough trust. The calls are encrypted but details of end to end encryption and how data is shared needs to be answered.

Zoom recently upgraded their security infrastructure to look more transparent and win lost grounds on security concerns raised recently, Jio Meet will have to do much more to fill in the space left behind by Zoom.

Is JioMeet Free for all ?

Simple answer - Yes, for now. Over a million app download from Google Play store indicate its popularity is growing. Jio has a history of offering free services to gain customer base and an edge over its competitors and then slowly introduce paid services. But enjoys for now when it is all free to use !! However only basic plan with up-to 2 participants is free. For 3 or more participants you need to upgrade from the basic free plan and pay for subscription.

JioMeet Video Meetings quality and Performance

Our team did a few group video calls by setting up a new meeting invite and sharing it through encrypted links over emails.

We found the connection was seamless with video quality being HD / 720p over a fiber broadband connection. The calls were stable with 9 participants with their videos ON and no one got dropped over the 50 min meeting call. The performance we found was very impressive and would bring JioMeet now to replace our Zoom meetings with the basic plan that replaces paid plan on Zoom.

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