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Sony TV Apps Guide - Smart TV Apps settings for best TV performance | Speed up Slow TV | 2020

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

So, your smart TV used to fast and TV Apps would never freeze or slow down your TV. This was when your Sony Bravia Smart TV was but with time TV performance has come down. You have numerous Sony TV Apps downloaded on Smart TV / Sony Android TV which have taken up TV storage space and have resulted in TV problems like TV streaming buffering issues, Slow Internet / wifi, TV gets frozen and Smart TV Apps not working or ending abruptly. Here are some Smart TV best practices related to Sony TV Guide and Smart TV Settings which should resolve such issues.

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Prefer Wired LAN over Wifi for Streaming Services

Connecting your Smart TV with LAN cable give stable broadband connectivity and reduces TV buffering issues. Also this in most cases with give a little extra broadband bandwidth and speed to speed up slow Wifi connection.

This is particularly important when home broadband speed is under 5 Mbps. For faster internet speed plans this will not make much difference except for issues related to faulty wifi routers or problems with phone line that supports broadband.

Streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime video do buffer at the beginning of the video as they store streaming for couple of minutes in advance. If you watch HD or 4k Ultra HD online streaming content then wired LAN is always preferable. This is also true for gaming over the internet which requires higher bandwidth.

Switch off Smart TV location services

While you watching your favourite TV show on Smart TV your Smart TV Apps are busy sending out information to the service providers like location details. While some apps might need to have this ON to keep functioning, you should turn it off if you don't use any TV app that might need this to be ON.

Streaming Services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime TV would restrict certain content based on your country or geographical location.

Turn off TV location tracking ?

  • Go to TV Settings of your Sony Android Smart TV

  • Under Personal - Select 'Location'

  • Set Location Status to 'OFF'

Watch on YouTube

YouTube Credit - Sony Android TV

Remove unwanted Apps from your Smart TV

Review Apps installed on your TV from time to time. There will always be a few installed apps which you never use - Uninstall them. These apps not only take TV storage space but also utilize TV processing resources and hence compete for resources with useful apps. Freeing up TV storage space does help improve TV performance.

Uninstalling / Delete Sony Android Smart TV Apps

  • Got to TV Settings

  • Select Apps

  • Select the app from the list you want to Uninstall

  • On App selection it will show up storage space occupied by the app on TV

  • Select Uninstall

Restrict Smart TV automatic updates

TV software and Android OS updates are important but you can control when this should happen. Turn OFF auto updates and manually find for any App update when you want. Prefer doing this when your TV is not being used by any other apps or services.

Exit Smart TV Apps completely

Make it a habit to close the TV app every time you move to use or switch to a different app. This prevents multiple processing threads to compete with each other for resources. One way to do this is through exit option within the app or to use TV remote back button multiple times. Avoid pressing TV remote home button to come to the home screen and then switch to other app.

Clear Smart TV Apps cache and data regularly

  • Got to TV Settings

  • Select Apps

  • Select the app from the list you want to Uninstall

  • On App selection it will show up storage space occupied by the app on TV

  • Select 'Clear Cache'

  • Select ' Clear Data'

Avoid Usage and Diagnostics

Turn off TV Usage and diagnostics as this regularly sends out your TV usage patterns and encountered errors to service providers. This helps them analyse common patterns and problems and update apps and OS as required and issue fixes / patches to the software. But as a user this may slow down your smart TV marginally.

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If you have any queries post in your comments and one of our team will respond to it.

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