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TV Streaming Service - Netflix subscription vs Amazon Prime Video membership | Apps Reviews 2020

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Well this is 2019 and debate on online streaming services is never ending. So is Netflix better than Amazon Prime Video or is there a competition with Youtube Video, Hulu, Hotstar, YuppTv, TVF Play and other video streaming apps justified. Read Apps reviews and compare cost, features, usability, content, quality, free trial offer and much more and chose where you want to buy membership from. So before you subscribe Netflix and join Prime Video TV, lets find out #amazonprime #primemembership #netflix #streamingservice

Amazon Prime Video Or Netflix ? Lets find out ...

If Content is the king - Netflix

If you are purely looking for a streaming service with great online content, amazing collection of original TV shows, series and movies then go ahead with Netflix. Netflix are way ahead in investing on new TV series, movies and shows and have a streaming service monopoly in some countries. Content is regularly being added and their database has already got massive, much bigger than what you can watch in your lifetime.

Amazon Prime Video on the other hand entered streaming services market late and is still just being launched in many developing countries. Prime Video clearly lags behind on its content in terms of quality and quantity but is trying to catch up with many new sponsored TV series and movies being produced, but the gap with Netflix is way too big to match.


User experience and Ease of use

When it comes to user experience with the app, app interface / GUI (Graphical User Interface), ease of use, look and feel - Netflix is a clear winner. You traverse within the app so easily and content is so well organised you will never miss what you want to watch. Netflix AI (Artificial Intelligence) is way ahead of Prime Video in recommending / suggesting what you would want to watch based on interests and watch history. Amazon prime here makes it tedious to find what to watch and lacks suggesting videos / movies one would like to watch.


Voice Search feature with Netflix and Prime Video App

Well Amazon Prime Video will clearly win here with the help of Alexa. Voice search through Alexa voice recognition allows you to speak and select movies and TV shows without needing to type anything. Remote Control of Fire Stick now comes with built in voice search feature to allow video search. Netflix here lack Voice search and needs to quickly act to cover lagging behind competition.


Android and iOS app

If you are more inclined towards watching your favorite TV series on the go while you are travelling, well both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix have great apps for Android and iOS so you can use them on Android phone or tablets or on iPad or iPhone. Netflix does have an edge over the number of positive reviews on Android and iOS but this is purely because the number of Netflix subscribers are much higher than Prime Video and hence higher number of reviews. Both Apps are free to download and offer limited video access without subscription.


Smart TV Apps and Android TV App

Both Netflix and Prime Video have Smart TV App and Android TV Apps. These apps would appear featured Samsung Smart TV Apps, Sony Bravia Smart TV Apps, Sony Android TV App and on other brands like LG Android TV, Philipps and Panasonic. Android Tv would allow downloading Netflix app / Prime Video TV app from Google play store whereas Samsung smart tv would offer download through smart hub.

Sony Bravia TV Remote for Android TV comes with dedicated Netflix button. Amazon Fire stick and Roku on the other hand have dedicated Prime Video buttons on remote control.


Android TV

Netflix and Amazon Prime TV free trial offer

Amazon offers its customers one month free prime membership which gets converted into paid membership after free trial experts. You are free to cancel membership during free trail period or anytime during your membership. Being a Amazon prime member also makes you eligible for special prices for products on Amazon and also free next day delivery.

Netflix on the other hand does not offer any free trial membership unless you have been contacted directly by Netflix.


Watch on Youtube

Value for money

Well this is debatable based on the points we have highlighted above. If you order products from Amazon frequently then Prime Video membership makes you eligible for free next day delivery. Also you get better offers on most products than non prime members on Amazon.

Netflix on other hand has edge on content quality and quantity. Offers multiple plans starting $5.99 so you can select the plan that suits best to you. If you can share your your Netflix account with friends and family you can share cost with up to 4 different people.


Youtube Playlist on Streaming Apps Netflix Subscription Trick

Netflix offers 3 different plans and you can chose the one that suits you most. Plans start from $5.99 which allows single user and standard picture quality. $7.99 plan allows 2 users so you can split the cost with your friend whereas £9.99 plan allows up to 4 users and UHD picture quality, so share your account with 4 people and all can watch simultaneously. There is no restriction on users being in same country or geographical location. So you can be in USA, your friend can be in UK and other friend in India. Also but the plan from the country where it would be cheapest. Netflix would be cheaper in $ than in £, so buy from the country where it would be cheaper.

Amazon prime Video Trick

Take a single membership from countries where Amazon Prime membership is cheap. Like in India where it costs INR 1,000 which is about $13 or £10. There is no restriction on country or geographical location from you can access your prime video through the app. Also there is no restriction on number of people you share your account with. And as a bonus you end up paying only after your one month free trial period ends.

Picture / Video Streaming quality

Netflix offers 4k Ultra HD (UHD) video streaming quality on its top plan at $ 9.99. Amazon Video does not offer UHD quality but this will also very much depend on the TV set / mobile and tablet display. So if your Smart TV supports 4k / UHD then you will get better display quality.


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